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With digitization and constant technological advancement, we stand in a phase that is swiftly progressing towards a revolution in the marketing space. Building customer relationships and generating leads has become a really smooth task with the help of marketing automation. Marketing automation is driven by the goal of aiding marketers to establish and manage customer relationships by automating repetitive yet important actions such as emailing, social media posts and contact lifecycle changes.

Marketing automation software also takes care of keeping an eye on all the interactions that the customers engage in, across all the platforms with regard to your brand in order to derive insights to deliver better. It also helps in understanding the customer’s psychology and their preferences so that you can put forth the right content at the right time.

The need and future of marketing automation

Marketing automation is also very advantageous to the small and medium size firms as it helps them compete with industry giants and saves them a colossal amount of time. According to the Forrester Marketing Automation technology forecast, the disbursement on marketing automation is about to take a huge leap till the year 2023. It is estimated to reach a whopping amount of 25.1 billion dollars by the year 2023. Also, according to the research 67% of the market leaders are already using marketing automation platforms to better their business processes and deliveries. Not only this, but 21% more of the market leaders are already planning on using a marketing automation platform.

But on the downside, it is not as promising as it seems. This is because Salesforce came out with a comparatively less optimistic report that says only about 7% of the marketers feel that it really brings good on the amount of investment they put in for the same. On the other hand, as marketing automation is a platform preferred by majority of marketers, it will definitely continue to grow in its capabilities to provide better results and generate more leads, satisfy the customers and retain them.

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Predictive analytics to take you forward

Marketing automation platforms help you in attracting, influencing and satisfying the customers rather than interrupting and irritating them by flooding their smartphone or computer screens with irrelevant advertisements. Predictive analysis in marketing automation means looking at how your customers may act or react to a particular action to ultimately adjust your efforts accordingly. It focusses on utilizing machine learning and big data for the calculation of a specific outcome based on precedent actions or your customers from the data gathered. Also, according to the insights from this year’s report from Salesforce, 43% of B2B companies are investing in predictive analytics. This is what happens to be a good news for marketing automation platforms.

Content is king and so are the customers

Audience is becoming smarter and their attention span is lowering each day. No one likes to be interrupted with irrelevant information from time to time. This does not create any value for your brand but rather drives away potential prospects. This is why marketing automation has a bright future as it is driven by the credo of inbound marketing.

According to Hubspot, “Inbound marketing is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business. You attract prospects and customers to your website and blog through relevant and helpful content. Once they arrive, you engage with them using conversational tools like email and chat and by promising continued value. And finally, you delight them by continuing to act as an empathetic advisor and expert.”

Marketing automation helps you, in sending relevant information to the right person at the right time. This helps in attracting, influencing and delighting the customers. In this digital age, where everyone has millions of alternatives to choose from, it is very detrimental to fall back in the race of gaining prospects and leads.

Comprehensively, in the world of this cutthroat competition where everyone is trying their best to be seen and recognised, generate leads and retain customers, marketing automation solutions is like an optimistic ray that smoothens the entire process and helps businesses to flourish.


What is Inbound Marketing and its Strategy to Grow a Business Fast | Transfunnel

What is inbound marketing:

With the advent of technology being amalgamated with businesses for the successful running of the same, digital and online marketing have become quite an in thing. Traditional marketing is slowly fading away, as people want to be influenced rather than interrupted. This is where inbound marketing comes into play, as it is driven by the credo of attracting, engaging and delighting the customers.  Rather than flooding your prospects with loads of advertisements, providing them with relevant content which is useful would attract them to your product or service instead of irritating them.
Inbound strategies help in establishing trust and credibility.

How does inbound marketing work?

As discussed earlier, there are three main components that make inbound marketing work. In order to establish a better understanding of the same, an in-depth explanation of how these components make inbound marketing success are talked about as follows:


There is a lot of emphasis on content when it comes to inbound marketing as it creates greater impact in order to entice the customers to visit and revisit your website. The attention span is on an all-time low, which is why short and interesting videos can garner a lot of traction. Moreover, almost everyone with a smartphone these days is quite active on social media. This is why when you create engaging and intriguing content on the same, your brand can gain recognition thus attracting many prospects. Whenever someone needs to know something the first thing that comes to their mind is to search for it online. This is why strategizing content and blogging plays a crucial role in winning over the prospects.


Once you have attracted potential prospects through effective and interesting content, it is very important to keep them engaged so they do not get distracted by the competition. This is possible when you keep reinforcing your brand in their minds through various inbound marketing strategies. There are various repetitive tasks like emails, social media interaction, etc that needs to be done from time to time. In order for your workforce to invest more time in making important marketing strategies and growing your business marketing automation performs these recurrent and mundane tasks on their behalf. This speeds up the process and also keeps the customers engaged. In addition to this, email marketing and conversational bots also play a key role in keeping your customers gripped with your site or brand.


Only attracting the prospects and sending them consistent emails would be of no good if you do not go an extra mile to make your customers happy. Analyzing customer behavior and coming up with relevant insights would bring out a sense of empathy thus would help in establishing credibility with the customers. When they feel understood and when you try to get the focus on servicing them well is when you can truly delight your customers and win their loyalty. Also, emails to the right person at the right time with the right type of content can really help for the same. Even creating an interesting type of content that your prospects and customers would like to share with their family also really helps.

Conclusively, as the times are progressing people are becoming smarter with what they buy, it is thus important to attract, engage and delight them rather than interrupt, distract and irritate them. This is why inbound marketing plays a very important role in the business space.

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What is Salesforce as a Marketing Automation tool and How to Implement it? | Transfunnel

Salesforce is a leading Customer Relationship Management software that runs entirely on cloud. This is why it saves you on huge set up and maintenance cost. It is a well-integrated software that well help you constantly monitor everything from sales leads to support tickets. With the help of Salesforce, you can manage customer support across every level, deliver personalised messages on any channel, build engaging experiences with custom apps on Heroku and get complete data analytics. Salesforce also lets you integrate real-time chat and Salesforce data into documents, spreadsheet, and slides.

In a world where marketing is the spine of any business, marketing automation is a tool which helps to eliminate the time and efforts involved in repetitive and mundane tasks relevant to marketing. With Salesforce, you can have access to this tool with its marketing automation software “Pardot”. It is one of the leading marketing automation software which has ace level ratings, personalised touchpoints and B2B marketing analytics.

Let us now talk about the various uses of Salesforce marketing automation and its implementation.

Pardot, the marketing automation platform by Salesforce works on the philosophy of aligning marketing and sales to generate the best leads, to keep them engaged and connect with them at the time when you can close the leads.

Uses of Salesforce implementation of marketing automation:

Check on visitors

With the help of Pardot, you can keep a track of your website traffic and keep a check on all the visitors. This is helpful to keep an eye on all the prospects and target them accordingly. It is also a tool that lets you track the unqualified leads on your website. This sifting of prospects and unqualified visitors narrows down the job of targeting and then finally closing the deal.

Real-time sales alerts

Gone are the days of guesswork where your sales team had to be on it all the time to track prospects and gauge the readiness of their purchase. With Pardot, you get real-time sales alerts to know when to follow up.

AI Assistance

One of the most interesting features of Pardot is the artificial intelligence that is Pardot Einstein. Your marketing and sales team can have access to the artificial intelligence feature that can allow them to reach to the right lead at the right time. With Einstein you can analyse and monitor your data from Salesforce and Pardot using it to prioritise work.

ROI Reporting

Your campaign performance can be tracked and monitored by Pardot. It lets you draw insights based on your data and aids you to get a track of your campaign performance. It gets you to connect your marketing efforts to your sales data, analyses campaign success by channel and initiative and ties your individual closed leads back to marketing efforts.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers if done insightfully and with proper research. Pardot is insight driven and will aid you to create beautiful email campaigns that actually deliver. It offers you various features like custom design capabilities, fast formatting options, and hosted content. There is a lot of powerful engagement as Pardot sends scheduled emails, auto responders for your forms and landing pages and visual nurturing canvas.

Streamlined lead management

With greater engagement, the sales are swifter and with streamlined lead management you can reach the right customer at the right time. Pardot that is powered by Salesforce consulting company is a comprehensive tool that lets you build, test, send, and report in just one visual interface.

Conclusively, one of the leading marketing automation tools powered by world’s number one CRM platform is a one-stop solution to all your marketing needs.

What is Inbound Marketing? What are Inbound marketing Methodologies and Strategies for B2B?

Advancements in technology and the evolution in the business space have given marketing great impetus in the market. Marketing these days is no longer about only outright advertisements but is driven by insights and a great amount of research. As the attention span of customers in at an all-time low, it is all the more important to intrigue them rather than interrupt them. This is where inbound marketing services along with automated marketing come into the picture that are driven by the philosophy of attracting the customers and providing them with the information that interests them. Inbound marketing is a subtle way of making customers aware of your product or service by compelling them to visit your website and convert potential leads into customers.

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Moreover, there are various methodologies or strategies of inbound marketing designed especially for B2B businesses. These are propelled by the philosophy of attracting, converting, closing, and delighting customers. The prospects can be attracted by the quality and in-depth content which is relevant to them. Once they have been attracted, they can be converted by offering them valuable information about products and services that they are interested in or by offering discounts, deals, and free subscriptions, etc. After you approach the prospect or the prospect has approached you, you can then close the deal and convert them into customers. But just closing the deal is not enough as the customer should be satisfied and delighted by your service and this can be done by having ace customer care service which is reachable at all times.  A few of the strategies of the same are discussed as follows:

Content Marketing

In order to improve conversion rates, content is always key. This aspect revolves more around quality than quantity. If you want the potential customers to visit your site and read your content, you must make it relevant and provide in-depth information. This will be conducive to your website traffic improving your visibility as well as enhancing your brand image.

Influencer Marketing

Collaboration with industry experts who have a high following and are influencers in the online space will help your brand get more recognition and visibility. And thereby, the followers of these influencers and experts will get to visit your services or content on different social media platforms, which will intrigue them to check you out too.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are at the core of inbound and help your business appear more reliable. Moreover, customers these days are really cautious before making a purchase and prefer going through reviews to establish a sense of credibility and trust.

Social Media Marketing

Fastest growing platform in the world, social media has become a sector larger than any other medium to propagate a business’s products and services. For you to match with the growing trend and tap into a greater chunk of the audience, social media presence is vital. Create interesting and engaging forms of content including video, gifs, and quotes, use hashtags, and have a relevant context to the messages you are posting for your target audience.

Video Content

Not everyone has the time to read long articles while some find it boring to do so. In order to tap into these people and make them aware of your product, video content marketing plays an important role. Making your content visually appealing would garner more traffic and views on the same.

Conclusively, with the growing awareness and more options available in the market the conversion rate of inbound marketing is much better as people like to be informed and interested rather than interrupted. Transfunnel is one of the best inbound marketing B2B platforms that offers the best inbound and marketing automation services.

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What is Inbound Marketing | key Elements For Inbound Marketing

About Inbound marketing:

Important feature of this marketing technique is that companies get attention by creating content that customers find valuable things for their knowledge or their business by social media platforms, press release or specially blogs and more examples are ebook creation, question and answer with industry leaders and influencers, videos creation, podcasting, infographics.

Inbound marketing puts great efforts on attracting the responsiveness of potential customers by making information or knowledge about the company for easy to find or achieve the target. These materials are then circulated through numerous media or television channels to widen the coverage of the company’s advertising efforts and reach as many consumers possible.

As well we if we compare it with outbound marketing for easily understanding that this (outbound marketing) method or technique includes customary commercials on papers, magazines, TV and radio and other printed data appropriated openly zones. Different types of outbound showcasing incorporate standard mail, spam email and telemarketing. This type of traffic focuses mainly on “buying” the customer’s attention, as opposed to earning or attracting it.

The Internet has proven to be a valuable source of information for today’s generation. In addition, it has also served as a gateway for businesses to come into contact with their respective markets. Most consumers these days consult the Internet prior to making their purchases, some use search engines to find the best place to buy a particular product, while others turn to other consumers online for reviews and recommendations. Other consumers, on the other hand, rely on updates from selected businesses for them to get the best deals. As such, the way marketing materials and other content are distributed on the Internet is of paramount importance to the success of businesses both online and off.


How to do it:

Inbound marketing (also called “content marketing”) consists of four key elements:

1. Content Writing

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Web development and strategy

4. Paid campaigns and social campaigns

5. Email and lead nurturing

6. Landing Page

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Marketing Automation Expert | Transfunnel

Marketing Automation describes having the ability to feed into internet for advertising activities like high volume marketing outcomes, standards and info and letting it operate communications for you when the desktop work is done. Whilst the term marketing automation originally came into play and utilize with reference to e-mail marketing, it is now used to get a wider selection of automation and analytical tools for internet based advertising and helps in the long term to streamline sales and advertising activities by substituting continuous, repetitive procedures with automated alternatives. In that sense using the term automation sells the strategy of what it does.

If you’re a marketer, then the concept of advertising automation is and has moved as an additional a must have part of your end investment to your digital advertising shipping that is online. As technology progresses on a daily basis, it is essential to keep a tab on the trends in advertising automation for you in order to have a strategy behind your, activities that are automated that are planned. The purpose is, that if you are convinced of the advantages of on-line or marketing that is digital it’s down to you to realize that you need to embrace. Digital communications specialists, trend observers and analysts get been keeping a close eye to the ever changing electronic landscape and get been saying that for companies searching for advertising automation platforms integrated with CRM – it is about driving revenue for your brand based on the way well the content is targeted.

Preferably you’ll need to be capable to map how you influence or interests the potential buyer right through all of your mediumship and buying journey. This may enable you to be capable for deliver the right content, in a timely manner through the correct and most effective channels into a perfectly matched audience. In case you’ve not begun yet, this is the right time as it is about having the ability to be always at the curve with your digital online marketing plan – so invest in the right tools to get every one of your on-line mediumship from e-mail marketing to social network advertising to internet search engine optimization and you might just about be on a way to become a success in the internet marketing game. Get in touch for find out more.

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What is Marketing Automation?

At the dynamic world of Digital Online Marketing, development is a constant. Whether it’s the amphitheater of web site configuration or mobile devices or social networking platforms, the perfect means to identify, reach out to, engage, catch and retain the customer is with the experience of an electronic online advertising companyEmpathy with customer’s vision sets an electronic online advertising agency apart from the world of SEO. The answer to growing clients from a digitized world is not from developing isolated silos, but in integrating that the vision of that the customer into one smooth approach that may endure the test of time.

The crucial part is zeroing in on the Achilles heels of the client’s advertising plan – client connect, USP, integrated advertising, consciousness about competitions, and answer times. Expertise in making discoveries in virgin territory, with customized strategies, designed around goal group demographics and profiles, and competition investigation, forms the center of the basic advertising channel program which then is the foremost requirement of an efficient Lookup engine marketing program. The market is swarming with me overly sellers. Tell the world and your neighbor about the equipment that set your product apart. Attractive, eye-catching, high recall, brand relate designs to be used on webpages and for viewing on cellular devices are the forte of a Search engine optimization company.

Deep involvement with the customer’s HR, customers, providers, and well-wishers will result in that the Eureka moment – that the discovery of an exceptional product feature. Disintegrated marketing has demonstrated that the bte noire of many otherwise well-crafted Search engine optimization stratagems. Search engine optimization is by no stretch of the creative thinking a magic wand. It’s an important portion of an overall vision. This visualization of the Search engine optimization program and developing its own edifice such that it integrates with that the structures designed for application in conventional print, audio along with visual media calls for farsightedness that you’ll find with a Search engine optimization agency.

Search engine optimization should co-exist with and leverage conventional channels for the enhancement of customer satisfaction. Your opponents, existing players along with new entrants will wean away from your clients if you’re not on top of your game. An ad hoc strategy, no clear-sighted future program, along with a growing chasm between you or your clients are the start of your woes. Constant engagement with clients is the solution. Whenever you engage your clients meaningfully, they aren’t likely to be busy with your competitions. The solution designed for your clients should be significant and stand the test of time. A Search engine optimization Company will assist you to participate with your customers on social network platforms, through mobile applications, blogs, video scripts, and sharp focus email messaging. It’ll also help you with constant reach to your clients through marketing automation. The digital world moves at that the speed of light.

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